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Wikipedia has the following definition of tapioca: “Tapioca is a flavorless, colorless, odorless starch extracted from the root of the plant species Manihot esculenta. This species, native to South America, is now cultivated worldwide and has many names, including cassava, bitter-cassava, manioc, “mandioca”, “aipim”, “macaxeira”, “manioca”, “boba”, “yuca” (not to be confused with yucca) and “kappa” in the state of Kerala in India. Tapioca is a staple food in some regions and is used worldwide as a thickening agent, principally in foods. Tapioca is gluten free, and nearly protein free. The commercial form of tapioca most familiar to many people is pearl tapioca.” Here at TapiocaRecipe.com, our focus is on providing good recipes for the type of tapioca used in bubble tea and boba tea drinks (not for the small tapioca used in tapioca pudding).

Black Minute Pearls:


Black Minute Pearls ™ (Exclusively from Boba Tea Direct)

2.2 lbs bag (approximately serve 25-30 drinks)

Unlike traditional bobas that require 25-30 minutes of cooking time and an additional 20 minutes to simmer, these bobas only require 5 minutes to cook! This is perfect for home use, restaurants, coffee shops, or any situation where you want freshly cooked boba in just 5 minutes. Not only are they convenient, but they are delicious. Save time and money – cook only what you need.

Save even more! Purchase in bulk and get wholesale prices. (18 bags/case)


1) Minute Pearls Only
2) Add a pack of 40-50 Jumbo Bubble Tea Straws

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